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If you just happened to drop in you might be interested to know that this site comes from Dachtmissen, a very small place near Burgdorf, northeast of Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony, Germany.



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Dachtmissen though quite unimportant now has a very old and sad history. This is its coat of arms. The unicorn stands for the mystic history of the village. The constellation of stars is the Orion a symbol for the hunters in the forests of Dachtmissen and the green background shows we are an agricultural region.

We are also a very "horsy region!" Burgdorf is very proud to have a horse market every third Saturday of the month from April to October.Very close to us the fabulous Hanoverian Warmblood is bred in the famous stud farm of Celle.

And from May to June it is worth traveling along the Asperagus route of Lower Saxony!


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